When we first started working together I was felt like I wasn’t moving in my life and I was really struggling with energy levels. You taught me to do the stuff that I ACTUALLY want to be doing and that saying no to stuff because I am choosing me is totally amazing! Working with you HAS BEEN AWESOMENESS.
— Paige (Science/Research)

Many people have those moments in their lives when they are either lost or confused. They need direction. I consulted Renée during one of those moments. It was a blessing. Renée completely changed my mindset...[she] was a great listener and inspirer who led me to a natural state where I was able to untangle my thoughts, conquer my fear, and most importantly, find who I really am. If any of [this] resonates with you, reach out to Renée.
— Christina (Strategic Management)

Renée helped me with “trimming the fat” when it came to work. She taught me how to focus on the important stuff when it came to output and it really helped me decipher where to invest my time. These lessons have totally reverberated in my personal life as well.
— Cassandra (Marketing)

I am so excited to share that I got the job! Thank you so much for playing a major role in getting me to take this major step. I can honestly say that without you, I would still be sitting around wanting change but not pursuing it….Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Sheri (Higher Education)
You helped me get out of my own head and my own way! I was stuck worrying about being me inside the bubble of how I thought everyone else needed or wanted me to be. No more bubble! Pop!
— Alison (Health/Wellness)

What I like the best about working with Renée is the fact that our relationship is based on mutual trust and understanding. How many people do you know that you can blindly trust? I am on a path of self-mastery and Renée plays an integral part in it.
— Tally (Entrepreneur)

I approached Renée for advice, primarily because she is so welcoming but also insanely knowledgeable. Renée helped me to not only solve my problem, but [helped] walk me through the process of what to do, step by step. Renée has this rare ability to explain a process and assist from an expert point of view, but does it all while being extremely relatable, humble and down to earth.
— Morgan (Video Marketing)

I chose to work with Renee because of how excited she gets about helping others. It’s infectious! Now I can more clearly link my long term goals to the task at hand.
— Martin (Marketing)