"I know I wanna do this thing. Or maybe this other thing. Also law school."

"OMG Susan. I. Am. So. Bored. There's gotta be more out there. Right? Susan?"

"I have this idea, but..."

"Everything sucks and I'm dying."


Whether you want to:

  • figure out your next best career move

  • advance your progress like whoa

  • make a big impact in the world

  • rediscover joy and fulfillment in your current role

  • feel like you have some flexibility in your life for a change

…you need a way forward that fires you up and fits you like a glove. This intensive butt-kick is that way forward.

Are you:

  • Freaking out because you're UP TO HERE with work and life and can't seem to catch your breath?

  • Full of ideas for changing up your career or starting your own business but terrified of what people will think of them - and you?

  • Taking career advice from literally anyone, including your unemployed cousin Marv, because you're blanking about what to do next and just want answers already?

  • Doing the thing you went to school for but hitting snooze 5x every morning because going to work is literally the worst?

You don't need to stuff yourself into a career that doesn't fit just because it's there or someone else thinks you should.


You are a (r)evolutionary, not a cat.

So get out of that too-small box you're in, girlfriend.

And while you're at it, don't settle for generic advice that doesn't consider who you are, real life shit, and what really matters to you.


  • Clarify what you want to be, do, or have next in your career and map out how to get there so that you can start doing fulfilling work you truly enjoy.

  • Cultivate alignment between who you are and what you do to stay focused on what matters to you most...without overwhelm and stress. #balanceisamyth

  • Begin creating the mindset and energy you need to transform your career and jump out of bed like YAY.

Our work doesn't make us who we are, but it's a huge part of who we are. So it makes sense that whatever we spend so much of our time doing feels good, right?

If drained, frazzled, stuck, and unsure is your normal, well, eff that. That's not how it has to be.

Imagine instead waking up every day feeling:

This session could be the beginning of not only a new career path, but a totally badass way of life.


  1. You sign up for your preferred time, review the terms, and pay for the session online (see below).

  2. I send you a pre-session questionnaire to better focus our time together. You complete and send it back to me prior to our session.

  3. We meet 1:1 via Zoom for our 3-hour strategy and coaching session.*

  4. You start revolutionizing your career!

Bonus: 30-minute follow-up/troubleshooting call to be used anytime within 30 days of our session.

*Zoom is free to use. A recording of our session can be provided upon request.

Investment: $500 CAD

Payment in full required at time of booking.