Love WHO you are, WHAT you do, & HOW you do it.


Unfulfilled? Uninspired? Undone?

Struggling to fit your shiny penny-self into a sea of dull quarters?

Feeling like you're trekking into Mordor on the daily because your career doesn't jive with who you really are and what matters to you most SUCKS.

Maybe it's time to explore your options.

But what's the next best step? And how do you make it happen?

Spoiler alert - that's where I come in.

I'll help you dump the hustle, create a career path truly aligned with you, and transition into value-driven work that has you thriving in every area of your life.

Because I don't believe that any woman should have to hide or compromise her self or well-being for the sake of success or anyone else's ideals or expectations.

We owe it to ourselves and the world to play as big as we can in the healthiest way possible…even if it means challenging the status quo.  


HeY there! I'm Renée!

(MBA, MA, Pn1, Order of the Phoenix)

40-something, Toronto-based career strategist and work-life ninja on a mission to help committed, multi-passionate, professional women escape their exhausting, unfulfilling daily grinds and create kick-ass, energizing careers and lives they're proud and excited AF about.

Learn more about me here.

SPARK YOUR career (R)evolution

Are you playing the too much/not enough game and losing every time because you're trying to shove yourself into a box that doesn't fit?

At the edge of your patience, out of ideas, and convinced that none of what you're putting into your career is worth what you're getting out of it?

Spinning your wheels trying to be all the things for all the people all the time and getting nowhere fast except exhausted? #hamsterlife

I hear you sister. Loud and clear.

  • You wanna be recognized, valued, rewarded, proud, and confident in your career while being yourself.

  • You wanna do meaningful, difference-making, impactful work that you're totally fired up about.

  • You wanna have a full, happy life, free to kick career ass without compromising your values, your wellbeing, your relationships, or fun.

You're a smart, savvy woman who has all kinds of awesome to offer but needs some ideas and a clear way forward.

I'm a fiery change agent who's been down this road a time or five and knows exactly what it takes to forge a new path.

If that sounds like the best kind of mash-up, then I invite you to join me in breaking free of the #hustlelife for good and discovering a career that fits you - not the other way around. Time to get your badass on, ladyfriend.



BADASS /bad/ /ass/ (Adj.)

Used to describe behaviour that's bold, genuine, wholehearted, and ethical.

Well outside the social standard for "normal."

The opposite of dumb-ass and boring-ass.


This is the new school, y'all.

Screw struggling to be someone you aren't or spending your time doing things that feel shitty.

Screw old-school career coaching and counselling methods more about paper than people.

Screw settling with the crumbs of what your career and life could be.

Chat with me and learn how you can get en route from unhinged to unstoppable in your career quicker than Han Solo made the Kessel run. #12parsecsorless