I help professionals & entrepreneurs live & work with vitality.

Wellness and career-life alignment coaching for women on the rise.



You're spinning out trying to be all the things for all the people all the time and getting nowhere fast except exhausted.

Billy Idol lyrics keep replaying in your head but not in a good way: “more, more, more.”

You feel lost in your own skin, like you're living someone else's life and they forgot to give you the manual.

You're either scrambling to get ahead and berating yourself for not living up to your potential or giving pretty much everything but Netflix and wine the finger.

That's #hamsterlife my friends, and it's only fun for actual hamsters.

There is another way.


HeY there! I'm Renée!

(MBA, MA, Pn1, Order of the Phoenix)

40-something, Toronto-based career-life-wellness ninja on a mission to help you break-up with burnout, get off that hamster wheel for good, and make Mondays great again.



Here's what I know for sure:

Burnout is not a necessary part of adulting. You can be successful without living the hustle life. When you honour who you are and what you need everything else falls into place. You give more, you are more, you have more.

True strength is built on consistency, not sacrifice.

Creating healthy career-life alignment is about:

STRENGTHENING your body and boundaries, SIMPLIFYING your daily routine, and SHINING your value and impact into the world.

Without apology. Without compromise. Without BS.

Because no woman should have to suffer for the sake of success or anyone else's ideals or expectations.

It's time to stop killing ourselves for the sake of profit and comparison.

That's not success, that's BALLS, y’all.

We owe it to ourselves and the world to play as big as we can in the healthiest way possible…even if it means challenging the status quo.  


  • Wake up every morning excited and energized about how you're gonna spend your time.

  • Find your mojo again, finally step into your potential, and call your own shots.

  • Become stronger, healthier, and strut your stuff with confidence.

  • Do meaningful, difference-making, impactful work that you're totally fired up about.

  • Have less shit to do so that you can focus on who and what truly matters to you.

You wanna have it all. Let's be real.

You're a smart, savvy woman who is all kinds of awesome but has lost her way and needs a new route forward.

I'm a fiery change agent who's been down this road a time or five and knows exactly what it takes to forge a new path.

If that sounds like the best kind of mash-up, then I invite you to break free of the #hustlelife for good.

Time to get your badass pants on, ladyfriend.



BADASS /bad/ /ass/ (Adj.)

Used to describe behaviour that's bold, genuine, wholehearted, and ethical.

Well outside the social standard for "normal."

The opposite of dumb-ass and boring-ass.



Screw wearing “busy” like a warped badge of honour.

Screw struggling to be someone you aren't or spending your time doing things that feel shitty.

Screw settling with the crumbs of what your life and career could be.

Chat with me to learn how you can go from BURNT OUT to ON FIRE quicker than Han Solo made the Kessel run. #12parsecsorless