I live and work out of toronto, ontario.

Yep, I'm Canadian.

While I'm based in Toronto, all my career coaching and counselling happens online via Zoom (it's free!), so I can help you no matter where in the world you are! It also means that you don't have to turn your already busy-ass life upside down to meet with me.

So let's not let borders and foreign currency get between us, ok? YAY technology!


If you're looking for career clarity or strategy, help with work-life alignment, or you simply want to know how career coaching with yours truly works in practice, the best way to get all this info stat is to talk with me.

30 minutes together could give you just the huge-ass jumpstart you need towards a career (and life) that feels oh-so-good!

Wanna connect but you're a little shy?

Simply email me and start an e-convo (yes, I personally answer each email) or submit the form below!

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