Transition: Wellness and Life as We Know It



Ah, transition. Seeing yourself and your life in a new light is exciting. Change can be very good, but it often knocks us off our routine. My family just moved house. We didn’t go very far away and had a regular amount of stuff to move: small condo to slightly larger condo. But the amount of ‘brain space’ and mental energy to manage even a simple move, along the start of a new school year for my son and regular + not-so-regular work stuff was taxing. So much so that I was really thrown off my wellness game. I ate a silly amount of pizza, stayed up too late packing and strategizing, and didn’t get to the gym or do any exercise at all (except for box lifting and placing) for a solid week.

Tomato sauce on pizza doesn’t really count as vegetables, and I was lethargic due to a lack of healthy food and the loss of the morning workout I use to kickstart my day with energy. I just felt….WEIRD. Disjointed. Not myself.

I’m not complaining. I love our new place, and even though it was probably the busiest possible time of the year to move, we managed it well. But I was reminded how much 'wellness' has become a necessity for me now. It’s not about exercising and eating nutritious food just because someone said it’s good for me (and yeah, it IS good for all of us). And it’s not really about looking ‘great for my age' or building a nice bum, although those are fun takeaways. Wellness is what keeps me grounded. It enables me to feel and do and be my best, period. It is as much a necessary part of my life as sleep and teeth brushing, albeit more obviously rewarding.

on the balcony

So when I fall off the wagon because life and reality, that’s ok. It’s actually easy to get back on it. I get up and I go to the gym. I make a healthy choice for lunch. And dinner. I do it again the next day, and the next. And then I'm back.

See, being off the wagon, well, it feels like crap. And I don’t want to feel like crap. I did that already (for several years), and it SUCKS. It’s better on the wagon you guys. It feels safe and strong and able. I think this week is when it hit me. I mean, really hit me. This is me. This is who I am and what I do to feel like ME. What I put into my body by way of nutrition and exercise and healthy thought patterns determines what I can give back into my world. I'm not trying to make history here, nor am I alone or original in my thinking. But I am trying to live the best I can for me and for those I love, and I'm thrilled to bits I found a way to do that.

I can see the light from up here. It’s bright. Get your sunglasses; let's hang out.