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Please Stop Looking for Motivation

To "be motivated" you basically have to want the results and/or benefits of the change more than you want things to stay the same. Said another way, you flat-out gotta desire the new behaviour more than the old. So it stands to reason that you first need to figure out WHY actually, deep-down, this new thing that you want to do, be, or have is so damn desirable to you in the first place.

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Beating the Post-Vacation Blues

Have you ever gone on vacation, gotten home, unpacked, went back to work, then wished you were on vacation again? Found yourself crying while drinking duty-free rum straight out of the bottle? Yeah, me too. So what is this pattern of post-vacation blues all about? More to the point, what can you do about it? Well, I've come up with this short list of hacks that should help you stop crying. 

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15 Easy Ways to Sneak Physical Activity Into Your Day

If you've been so busy you haven't been able to "do wellness" or you're having a hard time starting or keeping up with your new year's resolution to just be healthier, these 15 rather sneaky ways to integrate physical activity into your routine will help you set the stage for something more.

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