Back-to-School With Love

Image courtesy of  Kurandza .

Image courtesy of Kurandza.


In case you missed it, September is here. We're THISCLOSE to Han Solo boots, sweater weather, and - love it or hate it - pumpkin everything.

And just like every other September in the western hemisphere since what feels like the beginning of time, we're smack dab in the centre joy and chaos of back-to-school.

If you're like me, this back-to-school business always gets me a bit revved up. I feel even more like turning over a new leaf (see what I did there?) at the beginning of a new school year than, well, on January 1. Because back-to-school practically reeks "new" doesn't it? All those perfectly sharpened pencils, notebooks that haven't been worked in yet, and lockers that no one has left their half-eaten lunch in, forgotten until 2 weeks later when the ants come.


But while we take it for granted, a ridiculous number of young girls around the world have never experienced the joys of back-to-school. They don't know what pencils smell like or the comfort of a notebook well-doodled, soft and bursting with creative force. A healthy lunch, or any lunch at all for that matter? Yeah. Right.

Kurandza ("to love") is doing their part to change all that. It's a grassroots non-profit dedicated to empowering women and girls to become leaders in their communities by working closely with the members of the communities they serve. Providing education for girls in Mozambique is the cornerstone of their movement.

Image courtesy of  Kurandza.

Image courtesy of Kurandza.


  • they are less likely to marry early, have unplanned pregnancies, and contract HIV.

  • they are more likely to earn a higher income compared to individuals who did not go to school.

  • they are more likely to be financially secure and economically empowered.

  • they are more likely to change the world around them for the better.

Every year in September - right on time for back-to-school, Kurandza launches its  I STAND FOR GIRLS campaign to raise awareness and funding for their incredible work. 

This year, Kurandza is focused on building and sustaining a Holistic Education for each of their 200 girls. A Holistic Education provides access to: Core Schooling and After-School Programming (workshops, tutoring, health education, and extracurricular activities).

Image and info courtesy of  Kurandza .

Image and info courtesy of Kurandza.

This is why I'm so, so proud to be a Kurandza supporter personally as well as through Renée Rising

Because I want to show the world women CAN have it all and we don't have to sacrifice our bodies or our values to do it. A big part of achieving this involves the messages we give our GIRLS.⁣

Changing workplace and entrepreneurial cultures starts with EDUCATION and by helping women of all ages and cultures develop the confidence and knowledge to stand strong in their self-worth, advocate for their health and well-being, and create a new standard of leadership and corporate responsibility. ⁣ ⁣

🔥#IStandForGirls because access to education can change the direction of a girl’s life. ⁣

🔥#IStandForGirls because no child should have to wonder if they’ll be able to get a job or go to college.⁣

🔥#IStandForGirls because empowering a woman empowers an entire community.⁣

🔥#IStandForGirls because the cost of your daily coffee can send a girl to school.⁣

If you are moved, join with me and Kurandza and spread the word about how as little as $20/month will change a girl’s life forever. Go to to learn more, donate, or to sponsor the education of a girl in Mozambique.

Image courtesy of  Kurandza .

Image courtesy of Kurandza.

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