7 Ways to Boost Your Energy When You're Super-Busy

If you're in a service-based industry, this next-level high gear can be particularly challenging. You love what you do, but increased face-time with clients means that most of your energy is going into service, which doesn't leave much in the tank for YOU. The very thing driving you to create impact with your work is the very thing that'll kick your ass into exhaustion, and in turn, keep you from being at your best with the peeps you're trying to help. #irony

If you don't want this bitch of a cycle to keep you from supporting those who matter most (including you and your loved ones), then you've gotta commit to actively taking control of your energy. 

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Back-to-School With Love

While we take it for granted, a ridiculous number of young girls around the world have never experienced the joys of back-to-school. They don't know what pencils smell like or the comfort of a notebook well-doodled, soft and bursting with creative force. A healthy lunch, or any lunch at all for that matter? Yeah. Right.

Kurandza ("to love") is doing their part to change all that. It's a grassroots non-profit dedicated to empowering women and girls to become leaders in their communities by working closely with the members of the communities they serve.

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Renée Janes-ReidComment
Please Stop Looking for Motivation

To "be motivated" you basically have to want the results and/or benefits of the change more than you want things to stay the same. Said another way, you flat-out gotta desire the new behaviour more than the old. So it stands to reason that you first need to figure out WHY actually, deep-down, this new thing that you want to do, be, or have is so damn desirable to you in the first place.

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Hiding from Your Crap? Why and How to Finally Just Deal With It Already

You know how literally everyone, including me, says small things add up to big progress? Well, sadly it works the same with the life's crap. If you let a bunch of little things or even a few medium-sized ones pile up they will turn into one big mess - and this mess takes over your brain. 

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